About Us

So who is the Health Online Group?

A subsidiary of company Joray Pty Ltd, we currently have a small yet dynamic team of 12 including researchers, content and script writers, project manager, SEO team, affiliate manager and more. All with 1 collective focus....Being the best at our profession!

We have set some lofty goals over the next 12 months, including being in the top 10 of Clickbank publishers within the Health Niche. We also aim for our Products to be the best in the field, Bar None. We believe in delivering quality content to our customers and our work demonstrates that!

All our Products are written (or rewritten when we acquire them) by our content and product team led by our head Medical Researcher with 11 years of experience of working with medical professionals in the publishing field.

We are growing rapidly via both acquisitions and organic site launches, so watch us closely and be a part of our growth and journey!

For any inquiries you can contact us on admin@thehealthonlinegroup.com

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  • Be Psoriasis Free
  • Banish Chlamydia
  • My Baby Gender Blueprint
  • Vanish Eczema
  • Tooth Abscess Relief
  • No More Dry Scalp
  • Erase Your Stretch Marks
  • Erase Your Cold Sores
  • Ear Ache Cure
  • Dry Itchy Scalp Remedies
  • Banish Tonsil Stones
  • Herpes Blueprint
  • Male Fertility Plan
  • The Getting Pregnant Plan
  • Pregnancy Blueprint
  • One Minute Herpes Cure
  • End Ovarian Cysts
  • How to Catch Your Cheating Lover
  • Pick the Gender of Your Baby